Civil Litigation


At Kenny and Partners we provide an experienced litigation team who can handle all your Court hearings from the local Magistrates Court, to District and Supreme Court hearings. We also regularly perform work in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.


Our litigation experience extends across a broad range of areas from Criminal Defence, Traffic matters, Debt Collection, Commercial Litigation, Family Disputes, Estate Litigation to Property Disputes. We pride ourselves in providing detailed advice on all your options taking into account the practicalities of time, expense and what will happen after the Court has made a decision.

We also provide a full range of debt collection services if you are owed money. We can advise you on what your best option would be when seeking the payment of a debt, from negotiation, mediation, to formal demands or the institution of legal proceedings. We also provide a defendant practice, should you be the subject of legal proceedings.

Being located just down the road to the Gladstone Courthouse means we are well equipped to act as town agent for any litigation matters being held in the City. We also handle numerous Legal Aid matters.

Whether you are caught in a neighbourhood dispute or a costly business argument, we can handle it quickly and efficiently with an emphasis on client satisfaction.

For further information or to make an appointment please contact our office on (07) 4973 4444. We also handle Legal Aid enquiries and forms are available from reception at our office.

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